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Training Overview

We encourage diving development

Through several routes we can arrange for dive training and development. Whether you want to learn to dive, develop new skills, make the steps towards becoming a dive professional or just want to polish up rusty skills we have the facility to help.

Currently the club offers dive training through BSAC. Programs run throughout the year. Contact our Training Officer for details. Training is offered to all members of the club regardless of their current or previous qualification route.

Back to Top BSAC

We have a number of BSAC qualified Instructors and Assistant Instructors in the Club. If you would like to take advantage of this, more details are on the BSAC page.


BSAC Courses

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The Club can direct members who would like to be certified through PADI. We do have PADI instructors in the Club who will be delighted to arrange for certification on a private basis. More details on the PADI page.




Back to TopThe Hyperbaric Chamber

Well you might need it someday!! So here's how to learn about it before you get bent!

Introduction to Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber Operations (IHCO)

arranged as shown below at the Hyperbaric Medicine Centre at Tan Tock Seng Hospital

 For more details and RSVP a place contact Angeline Fong via email  angeline@ambitmedical.com   or 6355 9021/22 and/or have a look at www.hyperbaric.com.sg

This course is being run by HYPERBARIC MEDICAL SERVICES.  There are 3 recompression chambers situated in Singapore’s 2nd largest hospital ( Tan Tock Seng Hospital ) as well as Camden Medical Center in Orchard Boulevard Road. It is also a DAN training resource center and DAN medical treatment center for diving illnesses.

These course are conducted by LTC (NS)(Dr) Michael Ong, a diving doctor with 12 years of experience in the Navy. It will be exciting and offers many opportunities for practice and experience on real patients.

Cost is $250 (with 24 month interest free installment available)

*All successful candidate will receive the relevant certificates as well as being enrolled automatically into the TOPSIDE MEDICAL SUPPORT GROUP (TMSG) whereby a diving physician will be on call for you 24/7 in case of the medical emergencies which you need to handle

Participants for this course will be taught the following skills / knowledge

  • Introduction to hyperbaric chamber
  • How to do a pre-recompression treatment assessment for injured divers
  • Safety aspects of hyperbaric chambers
  • Side effect of recompression oxygen therapy
    • Barotrauma
    • Oxygen toxicity
  • Basic Operating principles of the hyperbaric chamber
  • The US Navy Recompression tables
  • Neurological assessment inside a hyperbaric chamber

What to look forward to : Participants will get a practical hands on experience on how to operate hyperbaric chambers as well as to be inside simulating a patient during recompression. 10 hours of practicum after the course at your own convenience to treat real patients to get further training and hands on at no extra cost.

Who : This course will be useful for advance divers who already had some form of medical / first aid training and would like to broaden their horizon in the world of diving medicine. It will be useful in the event that a dive buddy needs to be treated in a recompression chamber in that participants can actively participate in the management of such cases with the doctor/chamber facilities. 

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