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We get together on dive trips and social events...

There are a lot of very active photographers in the Club. In the sections below we have presented reports and photos from some of the dive trips and events that our members have undertaken.

The wonderful variety of marine life in this part of the world is a true delight. We are superbly located here in Singapore to take advantage of this, and we hope that the photographs here can give you some idea of the wonders under the sea near us.

Back to Top Dive Trips

This is an archive of past dive trips illustrating where we go and what sort of things we discover in the waters in Asia.

Our more recent trips are now shown on our Ning Site where members post details and photos directly for all members to share.

Back to Top Social Events

We are very sociable and have selected some details to give you an idea of what we get up to out of the water! In direct contrast to the diving photos we shamelessly add photos captured at all the wrong times. Images can be removed for a suitable fee!

Once again this is an archive from the past - newer indiscretions are shown on the Ning Site.

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