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Dive Log

Our Plans for Meetings and Trips.

In this section you will find details of events and dive trips that we are planning for the coming months.

For details of trips please follow the links below, or take a look at our Gallery pages above.

We hope that this will entice you to join us for our future trips, but also hope that the details of past trips will help you in your own plans for your own diving trips

Back to Top Regular Activities

Pool Session - 1st Wednesday of Month - please contact our Pool organiser to set up tanks/gear.
Dry Meeting – 3rd Monday of Month - please contact us to arrange your welcome at the club.

Back to Top Go Diving

The various trips being planned are shown below. Once a trip has been confirmed it will be transferred on to the calendar below. Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS for details and booking.



Just a great way to get wet, meet other members, laugh at the escapades, and see a totally different side of Singapore that the tourist brochures don't show. Details on the calendar.


Long Distance - longer trips are planned by club members and open for invitation to join. Duration ranges from weekend trips to 14 day expeditions.

Recent trip have included Chuuk, Komodo, Lombok - Gili Trewangen, Bali - Menjangen, East Timor, Banda Aceh.

Other trips are being hatched as you read this! Watch the calendar and read your email and check Ning.

If you would like to set up a trip and would like other members to join send a note to our Trip Coordinator.


Back to Top Our Club Calendar

Here are the details of events and trips planned for the coming months.

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