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Welcome to freeflowdivers

freeflowdivers is a dive club located in Singapore and meets regularly at the British Club.

You do not need to be a member of the British Club to join freeflowdivers.

The dive club is non-profit making and membership is $S120 per annum for families, $S75 per annum for individuals, and S$40 for overseas membership.

The Club is affiliated with the British Sub Aqua Club. We are BSAC Branch 2459.

We are located in the centre of probably the best diving in the world and our aim is to provide recreational scuba diving opportunities for our members here in Asia. Divers certified with any agency (PADI, SSI, NAUI etc) are of course also welcome.

Through our Club Instructors we regularly run training courses for BSAC certification - novices can learn to dive and qualified scuba divers can advance their skills and knowledge. . Other qualifications are of course always welcome.

We are a sociable group, and would be delighted to welcome you to our meetings so that you can find out more about us. Perhaps you might like to join us too.

Back to Top A Snapshot of a recent dive trip.

Here is a short video which we hope will give you an idea of the activities and energy of our dive club.

We regularly meet to dive in a wide vareiy of locations throughout Asia - please come and join us.

Tulamben Club trip from Karo H.

Back to Top Club Affiliation

The Club is affiliated with the British Sub Aqua Club - BSAC. Members can take advantage of individual BSAC membership should they wish to do so.

We are also delighted to inform you that the Club has the additional capability to conduct In-house Dive Training.

Our resident Dive Instructor pool has now been expanded. We are now concentrating our training through BSAC and run regular courses throughout the year, ranging from novice diver program through to rebreather programs. Please contact the training officer to find out more.

More details are shown on the Training Page.

Back to Top Regular Events

We have four regular club activities which run throughout the year.

Local Diving - once a month we have day trips from Singapore to Pulau Hantu and the southern islands of Singapore - tide and weather permitting. These are very popular so book early. We use these trips for fun, training, and just getting under the sea together. The trips usually end in a Singapore bar where lies, exaggerations, sharing, and new trips are planned. Our Training Officer is the contact to sign up for these trips.

Pool Sessions - 1st Wednesday of the month we take over the pool at the British Club for training, testing new gear, trying out someone else's gear takes place before adjourning to the bar to recover. Please contact our Pool organiser to set up tanks/gear.

Club Meetings - 3rd Monday of the month at the British Club we meet to share recent trip experiences, and often invite external speakers to share their thoughts and experience with us. Recent topics have included WWF activities in Singapore, technical diving, dive medicine amongst others. Drop us an email so we can welcome you at our next meeting.

Club Expeditions - these are longer trips to the wonderful dive sites surrounding Singapore. They are generally organised by two or three club members and are offered to everyone in the club. Recent trips include 6 day liveaboard to Layang Layang and the Spratley Islands, 6 day trip to Lembey, 5 day trip to Menjangen, weekend trips to Subic Bay. In the pipeline are trips to Komodo, Tioman, Seven Skies and Chuuk.

Back to Top Membership

We have three types of members

Standard Members - where members of the British Club elect to join Free Flow Divers. These members are charged $S5 per month to their British Club account ( this sum is matched by the British Club every half year). This gives full family membership to Free Flow Divers.

Section Guests - where people are not members of the British Club, but join Free Flow Divers and pay an annual subscription - $S120 for family membership, $S75 for single person membership. There is no joining fee. Guest members may only participate in Free Flow Divers activities at the British Club . They are not permitted wider use of the British Club.

International Members - this is for those people who live away from Singapore but who visit Singapore regularly, or who just wish to join our trips to dive. Membership here is $S40.

Member Benefits

The club meets socially once a month, usually at the British Club but this is varied to provide a variety of venues. At meetings, we usually discuss forthcoming trips, watch videos of recent club trips and receive presentations from time to time from members and visiting speakers. We occasionally have diving related quizzes and we always socialise.

In addition to monthly meetings there are social events such as regular parties at the British Club, member barbeques and the annual Free Flow Divers parties in the summer and at Christmas. We will normally have an under water photography competition each year.

Members can enjoy discounts at local dive shops and with local dive operators.

Sign up today and enjoy being a Free Flow Diver.

Back to TopWe help protect the diving environment

Our Club is committed to keeping our diving ecology as pristine as possible. We try hard to follow the simple aspiration to 'Take only photographs, and leave only bubbles'.

We have agreed to behave according to our simple Code of Conduct shown below when we dive, and we ask that all who dive with us follow this example at all times, and to encourage and coach others to do the same. Our dive environment is fragile, we need to take the utmost care to preserve it for the creatures that live there, and for the generations of divers who will come after us.

Back to Top Submit an article for the Web.

We encourage all our members to submit an article, a report or a gallery for our web site so that we can all share in our experiences under the water. If you would like to do this please download and use this template. Then send your article to our webmaster. Many thanks.

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